Edinburgh Lambswool | 4 Gift Ideas For Her This Winter
Edinburgh Lambswool | 4 Gift Ideas For Her This Winter

4 Gift Ideas For Her This Winter

4 Gift Ideas For Her This Winter

Choosing a gift for the women in your life can get a bit tricky! At first, it may seem easy enough as there are so many stores with items women all of ages love. But choosing the right gift is where the trickiness comes in. You may suddenly realize you want to get her something functional yet cute, so you start perusing the store for hours! 

Making a list of gift ideas in advance can save you from this situation. A list narrows down your options and helps you get the best! For gift ideas for her this winter, check out this list below.

  1. A cape

When buying a lady a gift in winter, it’s always a good idea to buy her something functional. This way she can see its purpose immediately and just as quickly, feel grateful for it. Buying her a functional item also builds the belief that you understand her well enough to know what exactly she needs! So when you buy her a lovely Lambswool cape like this Natural Brown Lambswool Cape or a cashmere cape like the Black Cashmere Cape, it will definitely put a wide smile on her face!

Cashmere/Lambswool capes make the perfect winter gifts because they are warm, cozy, and stylish. They are also durable so you’ll have her gratitude for a long time!

2. A scarf

Women love stylish scarfs! They love the sophisticated look it gives them, especially when accessories with a pair of stilettos and sunglasses. Scarfs also make amazing winter present as there is no better time to wear them!

Buying woolen scarfs for her during winter will keep her warm all through the cold months. She’ll also remember you whenever she wears the scarf, making it the perfect present! Quality scarfs you can buy your woman this winter are the lovely Natural Brown Lambswool Scarf and the Anderson Lambswool Scarf.

3. A blanket

Never underestimate the effect gifting a woman with a warm, snug blanket can have on her! Blankets recreate warm hugs, they snuggle you close, keep you warm, relieve stress and can even improve sleep. When you give her a blanket as a present she can enjoy all of these benefits and maybe more. 

Blankets are also intimate presents because they envelop her when she goes to sleep at night. This makes it a present that will surely keep you close to her heart and maybe even in her dreams! 

4. A stole

Last on this list of winter gift ideas for her is the stole. Stoles are quite similar to scarfs, only they are lighters, more colorful and mostly used for fashionable purposes. So if you don’t want to get her a full thick scarf, you can go for a stole instead. 

This DC Milan Checked Stole and the Black Watch Cashmere stole are lovely stoles she is sure to love!

Gifting your woman any of these items above this winter will surely put stars in her eyes. For other gift ideas, visit www.edinburghcashmere.co.uk today!

2020 is well underway and cashmere is one fabric that is already leading the market trend this year! Almost everywhere you look you see women draped in cashmere scarfs, capes, stoles and so many more. Why? Because cashmere is a high-quality material that is ageless both in style and texture!

Cashmere is that fabric that you can always rely on to provide you warmth and comfort all year long. This makes it worth every dollar and more. 

So why should you consider investing in cashmere this year? Let’s delve in below!

  1.  Cashmere will keep you warm all year long

Did you know that cashmere wool is two times warmer than sheep’s wool? Its fibers are gotten yearly from the undercoats of cashmere goats that live in ice-cold temperatures in countries like Mongolia. This makes it a reliable material that can keep you toasty warm all through the winter months. 

A single cashmere cape like the Black Watch Cashmere Cape can provide you the warmth that numerous layers of wool would provide you! So when you invest in one piece of cashmere, you can have go-to apparel for the cold all year long.

2. Cashmere is soft and cozy

The winter months are often so cold that our major priority is to keep warm. Unfortunately, there are so many sweaters and coats made with uncomfortable fabrics that switch the focus from being warm, to also being comfortable. 

Luckily cashmere is one fabric that is warm, soft, and cozy. Quality cashmere like the Black Watch Cashmere Stole is made with the perfect diameter of fiber. This makes it feel precious against the skin. Cashmere also usually has a slightly uneven shape that makes the fiber stick to itself instead of the skin, therefore reducing the risk of itchiness. 

3. Cashmere is lightweight

No one really enjoys winter packing. With all the wool coats and cardigans you have to pack up, you’d probably need more suitcases than you would when parking summer outfits! 

Cashmere, however, is much lighter than wool and most synthetic fabrics. So when you invest in cashmere, you don’t just get a very warm outfit, but also a light, easy-to-pack one! And when you need your sweater for short trips or errands outdoors, it can easily fit into your bag once it gets too warm. 

4. Cashmere is durable

One major reason cashmere is considered an investment is its durability. It has very tough fiber that keeps it strong and wearable for 20 years and more! It also has a classic look and feel to it that keeps it trendy year after year. 

5. Cashmere is luxurious

We all deserve a little bit of luxury from time to time and cashmere is one very luxurious fabric! When worn, it’s cozy and soft and from the outside, it makes you look sophisticated. Cashmere can also be folded easily into a bag and will last for many years. All of these features make it a luxurious fabric that you and your loved ones deserve in winter!

So why don’t you invest in cashmere this New Year and enjoy it for many months, and even years, to come? Buy you and your loved ones cashmere from www.edinburghcashmere.co.uk and enjoy all the luxury the lovely fabric offers!

Wool is one of the most popular fabrics used in the home. It’s used in making items like clothes, blankets, saddle blankets, and carpets. And wool is so essential that it comes from different sources. Lambswool, however, is one of the best types of wools out there. 
What is Lambswool? Lambswool is super cozy wool gotten from young sheep. It is characteristically soft, slippery and elastic which makes it perfect for making high-grade textiles. Over the years, Lambswool has garnered publicity – and for good reason! So if you haven’t tried out Lambswool yet, here are 5 reasons you should!

1. It’s breathable

One of the best things about Lambswool is that it’s breathable! When worn, it provides enough space for the right amount of air to seep in, and for heat to seep out. So unlike with most synthetic fabrics, you won’t feel stuffy and itchy after a few hours wearing it. 

Apart from clothing, its breathability also makes it great for beddings, blankets, and carpets. When you drape it over your bed it keeps your room warm enough without being stuffy!

2. It absorbs moisture

Lambswool is super absorbent. It can soak up about thirty percent of its weight in liquid and release it in the day time! So if you get too warm in the night and sweat, your sweat will be absorbed and dissipated in the day time. This ability also makes it a perfect choice for socks, carpet, and beddings because even without frequent washing, your wool won’t stay damp or smelly! 

3. It’s versatile

Versatility is another major reason we are obsessed with Lambswool. With Lambswool, the question isn’t ‘what can be made with it?’. Instead, it’s ‘what can’t be made with Lambswool?’ 

As mentioned earlier, Lambswool can be used to make numerous clothing apparel like cardigans, shirts, skirts, pants, socks, gloves, head warmers, scarves, and so many more! It can also be used for beddings, upholstery, saddle blankets, horse blankets, and insulation. Lambswool can also be used to make both thick fabrics and light fabrics, based on which is desired. 

4. It projects colors beautifully

Lambswool can hold a variety of colors and project them beautifully! It can provide lovely monotones like this Black Lambswool Cape or detailed multi-colors like this Anderson Lambswool Scarf. So you don’t have to settle for a specific color type when you desire a variety. 

Also, quality Lambswool holds color for lengthy periods so you can wear Lambswool attires and use it for your interior decors for years! 

5. It is hypoallergenic

Most synthetic fabrics trigger allergies like rashes or itchiness. Lambswool, however, does not! It is soft, even on very sensitive skin types, and does not aggravate health issues like asthma. Its hypoallergenic feature makes it perfect for upholstery because it will accommodate any and everyone visiting your home! To enjoy all the benefits of Lambswool, it is pertinent that you only buy the best. Get your Lambswool from Edinburgh Cashmere to enjoy all of these features mentioned above! 

While it’s one thing to fall in love with a new fashion piece, it’s an entirely different thing to know how to style it. Lambswool and Cashmere are two fabrics that are very much in vogue. And apart from the fact that they are light, warm, durable and comfortable to be in, they also add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Lambswool/Cashmere capes can either compliment an outfit or take center attention! 

There are different ways to style a Lambswool/cashmere cape and just so you don’t take it overboard, we’ve made a list to guide you on how to pull it off effortlessly. 

  1. It’s Perfect With A Turtle Neck

Thanks to the neckline of most Lambswool/cashmere capes, they go perfectly well with turtle neck long sleeve. With the sleeve and neck showing within the cape, you have yourself a totally unique and chic way to pull off your cape! 

This Bruce Purple-Grey Cashmere Mini Cape makes a perfect fit with a white turtle neck long sleeve, blue or black skinny jeans, and black heels. Also, you can pair a bright colored turtle neck blouse with this Black Watch Cashmere Cape and a black pencil skirt for an elegant look!   

2. Give Your Mini Dress A New Look!

Remember when we said you can rock lambswool/cashmere capes with almost anything? Well, we weren’t kidding! You can totally look good in any mini dress of your choice (fitting or not) with a lambswool/cashmere cape. In a situation like this, you wouldn’t want your cape and your pretty little dress to clash in color so we have the perfect solution. This can go two ways; you can wear a black mini dress with this DC Milan Blue Check Lambswool Cape or a bright mini dress with this Black Lambswool Cape. With this outfit idea, you can go for a date or girls night out feeling warm and stylish.

3. All Black? No Problem!

The popular saying that “you can never go wrong with black” applies here too! There are so many nice and colorful prints for lambswool/cashmere capes which is why pairing them up with black can never go wrong. 

This Buchanan Antique Lambswool Cape, for instance, can go well with a black blouse, a black pair of jeans, and black loafers or heels. With this look, you’ll feel so confident both within and outwardly. 

4. It Fits With a White Shirt Too!

You want to rock your lambswool/cashmere cape for work? That’s not an issue! With your white shirt and pants in check, you can throw on this DC Milan Ivory Check Cashmere Cape and a pair of black heels. You can also rock this Edinburg Cashmere Camel Check Lambswool Cape with a white shirt and dark colored pants like army green, coffee brown and so on. 

Just a little tip before we go; matching the major color of your lambswool/cashmere cape with your tops is also a brilliant idea! To get the best Lambswool/cashmere capes, visit Edinburg Cashmere. 

With winter comes the need for a major wardrobe change that involves bulky clothing items and thicker fabrics. The restriction brings often makes it the least favorite time of the year for fashion lovers. Luckily, the scarf is one winter accessory that can keep you warm while adding class to your look!

Cashmere scarfs are very versatile winter accessories. Unlike other accessories like gloves, head warmers, and socks, scarfs can be tucked in, draped, tied, knotted and even belted. For more tips on how to stylishly don your cashmere scarf this winter, keep reading below!

1. The Once Around

The ‘Once Around’ is one of the simplest yet most fashionable ways of styling your cashmere scarf, especially in winter. To create this style;

  • Drape the scarf evenly around your neck,
  • Take the right end and throw it over your left shoulder and then throw the left end over your right shoulder. For a reverse drape, you can leave the scarf this way.
  • For the once around, however, take both ends and bring them around to dangle at your chest. 
  • Once you are done, fluff it up to keep it full.

The Once Around is a lovely scarf style for jackets and coats.   

2. Hoxton Knot

While the Hoxton Knot might not be the simplest scarf style, it’s definitely worth the extra effort. Asides being super classy, it also keeps your neck very warm and snug. To make a Hoxton Knot;

  • Start by folding your cashmere scarf into a perfect half,
  • Drape the folded scarf over your neck and take the side with both ends and put it through the looped side.
  • Pull it through the loop until it’s firm enough but not too tight. 

Voila! You have yourself a Hoxton Knot. Hoxton Knots are perfect for work and other formal events.

3. Fake Knot

The Fake Knot is another easy and appealing scarf style. To make a Fake Knot;

  • Take about a quarter length of your scarf and tie it in a loose knot,
  • Then drape the scarf around your neck and wrap the free end around your neck.
  • Pull the free end through the knot and adjust it until it’s even.

The Fake Knot works perfectly for every occasion!

4. Belted Drape

The belted drape is a scarf style that involves not just the scarf, but also a belt. And a thin belt is often the best choice for this style. To style your scarf this way;

  • Drape your scarf at equal lengths over your shoulder.
  • Fluff it up to your satisfaction and use a skinny belt to fasten it at your waist. 

The belted drape is best worn over a dress and is also suitable for various occasions.

5. The Drape

For days when you are in a hurry and don’t have the time for complex scarf styles, you can simply drape it over your shoulders! If the scarf is elegant like this Buchanan Modern Cashmere Scarf, simply drape it over your shoulders at an equal length and fluff it. You can choose to drape it over your coat or under your coat where only hints of it will be seen. 
Cashmere scarfs are easier to style when they are of perfect length and width. For amazing cashmere scarfs this winter, visit Edinburgh Cashmere today!

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