Edinburgh Lambswool Royal Stewart Tartan 100% Pure Lambswool Blanket


This designer comfortable Edinburgh Lambswool Tartan Blanket is an ideal piece for various modern and traditional decor that comes in Royal Stewart tartan making it the best addition to your bedroom essentials. Edinburgh Blankets are popular for their incredible softness, lightness and pure warmth. The colour used in these blankets are beautiful and stylish differentiating it from the ordinary blankets available everywhere. It is processed with the premium quality lambswool which leads to a better cushioning effect and extreme comfort. 

Even though the blanket has a lightweight but still it feels thick and can be easily carried during travel. The higher piles lend a better cushioning effect and enhance the luxury and comfort of this blanket. The best quality about Edinburgh blankets is that they do not shed and are durable for the long term. 

If you have never experienced the luxury of Edinburgh blankets for yourself then you are missing one of the finest Edinburgh’s comforts. This blanket will provide your bedroom with a unique style and is worth buying. The lifespan and durability of this blanket is extremely good and is the perfect choice for snuggling and cuddling on colder days and nights.